Questions and Answers About NHL Free Agency.

After all of the winners and losers from an NHL playoff you end up needing to replace banged up players or banged up contracts. At the least it’s just business in the end. Players come and players go but there has been a decent amount of team chemistry in the NHL as a whole. The L.A. Kings are proving that great team chemistry is more important than big star quality (not that 2 Stanley Cups won’t help) they showed they could be behind and still find a way back and then takeover the game thus taking out their opponent! Any of the teams that made it into the playoffs should be scratching their head and look around thinking what the hell happened? So many quality teams and very good series overall but in the end true fight and grit won it all. Don’t get me wrong the Kings are very talented but the relentless play to me is what pushed them over the top. The Rangers even though losing the series 4-1 did not play like that record reflects. The Rangers were in every game to the end except only one but the Kings ended up way too dominate in their will to win!

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Kings win the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals

Wow what a game! I almost watched the entire game but I had to go to the Post Office before I got home. LA Hockey is brighter than ever and I see the community growing here. I live in the Valley which like most of LA in general has a large Latino population and with that being said Soccer is HUUGE out here! Recently I’ve seen kids in the neighborhood playing street hockey in parking lots around the corner. Growing up myself in Pittsburgh it’s pretty normal to see that but in LA? It just doesn’t go together Hockey n Palm Trees is the visual thought but I think it’s awesome to see a sport get embraced by a whole new demographic or city in general. Winning breeds popularity! Even in Pittsburgh before the Penguins won in 1991 it was the 3rd popular team/sport but after winning 2 in a row and being a constant threat as long as Lemieux was healthy they became the 2nd favorite to the Steelers and pretty much are til this day.

Back to this win for the Kings though, I’ve never seen so many shots on goal and constant control of the puck pushing it into a double overtime! Kudo’s to the Rangers and mainly Lundquist, they really held on as long as possible but you could feel how bad the Kings wanted to win and win they did!


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New Jersey Devils v Los Angeles Kings - Game Six


I really meant to post about the FINALS much earlier but I have so many other things happening and the series were flying by! So here we are I’m right here in L.A. (kinda, the Valley) and I’m here with them in another Finals games? It’s strange to me because I grew up in Pittsburgh during the 91-92 Championship Penguins and witnessed how the Hockey culture swept thru the city like never before! When I got there in late 86′ it was a city with championship hangovers from the 70′s Pirates and Steeler teams. The Penguins in the 90′s even had made into Rap lyrics (look it up yourself). In 1994 I spent my graduation in NYC & it started with me going to the Rangers Stanley Cup parade after 54 years of zilch! I remember how exciting it felt, there was ticker tape & people everywhere. I got caught up enjoying it too. Now I’ve been in Los Angeles since fall of 98′ and not long after I arrived it became a great Laker town again after a dead period. Since then it mostly has been a Laker town. People love the Dodgers too and now the Clippers have become legit (minus the Sterling mayhem) but hockey in L.A. was ONLY legit before because of a man named WAYNE GRETZKY (the website name) other than that it mostly was a novelty to most around here. This current squad is very special as a whole unit and if they happen to get the sweep just watch how large their fan base will grow beyond L.A.





Eastern and Western NHL Conference Finals 2014 Coverage

Here is some of the latest post from around the league. What a run of playoff series thus far! Canada’s only team that made it into the playoff’s are still hanging on but struggling against the NY Rangers. Will they win on the road in NY tonight? Then in the west you have the LA Kings fighting hard against the reigning champion Blackhawks.

Jeff Carter leads Kings to 4-3 win over Blackhawks


NHL Eastern Conference finals: Injuries, suspensions give series an edge

Montreal Beats Boston In Game 7!

The NHL Playoffs get more interesting as they go deeper. A down and dirty series with Boston ends with the Canadians victorious and ready to face the NY Rangers who just defeated the Penguins in Game 7 in Pittsburgh last night. I can’t even think about it even though I didn’t see the Penguins / Rangers game. I’m a Pens fan at heart since I grew up back in Pittsburgh. Enough of that!!

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Carey Price, Canadiens stop Bruins in Game 7 to advance


The Globe And Mail -

Montreal’s small guys come up big to defeat Bruins in Game 7


Stories around the NHL Playoffs 2014.

Although I myself haven’t watched a single game this NHL season, I do see the buzz around the league already!

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NHL Expert Picks: 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs first-round selections


You have been waiting all NHL season for this time and it’s here! The playoffs for the Stanley Cup! If your betting in a sports book or just playing an office pool then you need to be updated on the expert picks for what their worth. Is your team still playing and in contention? Who are you rooting for? Hit me up @NateInLa1

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