Questions and Answers About NHL Free Agency.

After all of the winners and losers from an NHL playoff you end up needing to replace banged up players or banged up contracts. At the least it’s just business in the end. Players come and players go but there has been a decent amount of team chemistry in the NHL as a whole. The L.A. Kings are proving that great team chemistry is more important than big star quality (not that 2 Stanley Cups won’t help) they showed they could be behind and still find a way back and then takeover the game thus taking out their opponent! Any of the teams that made it into the playoffs should be scratching their head and look around thinking what the hell happened? So many quality teams and very good series overall but in the end true fight and grit won it all. Don’t get me wrong the Kings are very talented but the relentless play to me is what pushed them over the top. The Rangers even though losing the series 4-1 did not play like that record reflects. The Rangers were in every game to the end except only one but the Kings ended up way too dominate in their will to win!

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