Top Two Teams Across The League – 02-08-18

Atlantic Division:                                                             Central Division:

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning 37-14                                   1. Nashville Predators 32-12
  2. Boston Bruins 33-11                                               2. Winnipeg Jets 32-13

Metropolitan Division:                                                  Pacific Division:

  1. Washington Capitals 31- 17                                   1. Las Vegas Golden Knights 35-14
  2. Pittsburgh Penguins 30-22                                     2. San Jose Sharks 28-17

2015 NHL Playoff Standings and Line Ups

The NHL season has come to a close but now the next chapter starts to present an opportunity for teams to go after the prized Stanley Cup Trophy. Who will make it? I have no clue but I’m certain whoever comes out on top will be a team to watch. The L.A. Kings who won this past season didn’t even make it back even though they played hard this season, they just weren’t up for the task. Their opponent in last years final The New York Rangers ARE back to give it another go for a win for the cup. It would be their 1st in over 20 years this year. Crazy! I was at their parade in 1994. Either way enjoy all that comes with watching the NHL, just don’t lose your shirt if you like to gamble.


Click on the image for the current standings and see who is in & winning – –


Eastern and Western NHL Conference Finals 2014 Coverage

Here is some of the latest post from around the league. What a run of playoff series thus far! Canada’s only team that made it into the playoff’s are still hanging on but struggling against the NY Rangers. Will they win on the road in NY tonight? Then in the west you have the LA Kings fighting hard against the reigning champion Blackhawks.

Jeff Carter leads Kings to 4-3 win over Blackhawks


NHL Eastern Conference finals: Injuries, suspensions give series an edge

Stories around the NHL Playoffs 2014.

Although I myself haven’t watched a single game this NHL season, I do see the buzz around the league already!

Here is your one stop list from local sports news around the league:

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5) Colorado Avalanche – Latest updates from The Denver Post

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8) Chicago Blackhawks  – Latest updates from Chicago Tribune

NHL Expert Picks: 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs first-round selections


You have been waiting all NHL season for this time and it’s here! The playoffs for the Stanley Cup! If your betting in a sports book or just playing an office pool then you need to be updated on the expert picks for what their worth. Is your team still playing and in contention? Who are you rooting for? Hit me up @NateInLa1

NHL Expert Picks for Playoffs