Rangers’ Lundqvist playing tennis before NHL season

After having a solid visit back to his ho,e country of Sweden, Lundqvist came back to New York to play tennis? Yes who knew a goalie can play tennis or even want to. Apparently he played just as much tennis as he did hockey when he was a kid.


It was electric. It was energetic. So was Lundqvist.

“Going back to Sweden, that’s where I recharge,” Lundqvist said. “You see family, friends. I had a great summer. It went by pretty fast, but coming back to New York is always a good feeling. You get a break for two months and you start missing the city, your friends here, the team and teammates. It’s always a good feeling to come back.”

Lundqvist  returned to New York on Wednesday and approximately 24 hours later the still jet-lagged former Vezina Trophy winner was playing in a celebrity charity tennis match at Sportime Randall’s Island Tennis Center.

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