Trade Rumors: Habs, Flyers, Bruins, Canes, Caps, Stars and Oilers

NHL Trade Rumors

2014 trade rumors from around the league.

The season has barely begun and of course already you can easily Google about the various upcoming trade rumors from around the league! I say why not follow them and decide for yourself what is most likely. Of course this information is mostly useful for gamblers, sports agents, journalist & hardcore fans. The article will take you maybe 2 minutes tops to read but I hope the site is helpful for someone. Please keep up with me here at WayneGretzky.ORG!










Check out the latest NHL trade rumors!!


NHL trade deadline: It’s a deadline day live blog – CBS

trade deadline

NHL trade deadlines are coming!

I know it’s that time of year where teams in the NHL are gearing up for the playoff’s attempting to pull ahead in their divisions. This is when player evaluation vs price become very important to teams who are already thriving towards a chance for the cup. To keep up live with what is going down in the NHL – – –  —